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Bitcoin gambling laws

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Bitedge’s goal is to provide useful resources to the bitcoin community, to point new bettors in the right direction and help current bettors improve their knowledge and profitability. To do this we provide free bitcoin betting information, advice, tips and helpful in-depth content covering everything you need to know about betting and winning in the currency of the future!

It all comes from experts and industry insiders with considerable experience as professional sports bettors as well as working for multiple online sportsbooks and we are bitcoin true believers.

If you are a beginner welcome to the adventure! Sports betting is fun and with Bitedge it can also be a learning experience that will lead to understanding the foundations of probability, what mistakes to avoid and how to make long term profit. Check the Bitcoin sportsbook reviews and Getting started articles to get you rolling.

If you are already betting on sports but want to get better at it check our Serious betting articles and make sure you use and understand the Overround and probability calculator. Use our Odds comparisons to ensure you are getting good enough odds to be profitable in the long run.

You can see some of our personal opinions and experiences in the Blog and we have reference materials such as an Odds conversion and probability table in the Tools and resources section.

Money won is twice as sweet as money earned so happy betting and Viva La Bitcoin!

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    How do i apply for your betting jobs? Please let me know ?
    Thank you

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